Beautiful Bride: Emily Ciliberto

“Spunky glamour on wheels” – that is the way I would describe Emily, who married Jamie in November.  Photographer Daniel Moyer had a field day with the colorful backdrop that characterizes the Hotel Monaco in downtown Philadelphia.  Here are just a few  of those photos that delighted me.

Emily came to me as a daily wearer of false eyelashes, so she was used to a bit of cosmetic magic.   Because of her already perfect skin,  I was able to do maximum eye and still keep it looking real.

I was particularly moved by Jamie’s expression when he first saw Emily – happy tears of “first look” love.  And any bride who checks her make-up in the side mirror of a moped is a goddess to me.

Hair by my pal Amanda D’Andrea, Monique Lhullier dress from The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne, florals by Beautiful Blooms.

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Beautiful Bride: Soyoung Oh

I met Soyoung and her fiancée Stephen at their apartment in Old City.  Soyoung and Stephen not only had the good taste to get married on August 28th at Cairnwood, but also to hire photographer Joy Moody, whose beautiful, thoughtful photos you see here.

Soyoung doesn’t usually wear make-up, so the look I did was very neutral and elegant to go along with her hair, dress and setting.

Soyoung is of Korean descent – I adore the colorful and voluminous traditional gowns worn by her mom and aunt (photo by me).

This was a touching moment when Soyoung read a card Stephen had sent her….

Behold the movie star good looks of this happy couple…

Wedding Make-up Q&A: “To tan or not to tan, that is the question…”

Thank you for your question, Mr. Shakespeare, when’s the wedding?

Seriously, and in my humble opinion, no tan is best.  Putting it nicely, wedding dresses and tans don’t mix, and a bride can run the risk of looking like she went on the honeymoon first.  Putting it not-so-nicely, a tan contrasted with your white or ivory dress can make you look—sorry—tacky.  Embracing your natural skin tone will be the most flattering to you, your really expensive dress and the photos.

That said, if you must tan, a spray tan is certainly safest, but applying it without streaking takes experimentation with different formulas (to find the best color for your skin) and of course, practice.  Blend like crazy and use a cosmetic wedge sponge to do your face, hands and feet.  Do your final application at least two days before the wedding.

If you are throwing all caution to the wind, just be sure not to go to the tanning salon or the beach the day before the wedding.  A sunburn could easily ruin your special day.  And wear a strapless bathing suit to avoid tan lines, which are difficult to cover with make-up.