Brilliant Bride: Tiffany Angle

I met Tiffany when she took my course at Immaculata University (The Beauty Industry as a Social Institution).  She was finishing up her Bachelor of Arts degree and it was her 3rd to last class.  That’s a good feeling for a bride-to-be…

She finished her studies on January 7, 2011 and is now pursuing a Masters of Business Administration at Rosemont College while working full-time at Vanguard in their tax reporting department.  That’s a busy feeling for a new bride!

Tiffany married Jonathan Hartshorne on October 1, 2011.  Beautiful photos by Matthew Wright of Figtree Photography.  Hair by the delightful Amanda D’Andrea.

Brilliant Bride: Carrie Ann Theisen

 Most of the brides that I work with are looking for a classic, natural look.  But then, most brides I work with are not Carrie Ann Theisen, the beautiful Ph.D. candidate who wafted into my studio one fine day…

The first time that I was contacted by Carrie, who was referred by friend and photographer Jenna Stamm, we determined that I wouldn’t be available because of another wedding I was doing earlier on that October day.    She contacted me again a few months later, asking if I could teach her how to do her own make-up for the wedding (Saints, preserve us!), and she also mentioned that her ceremony time had changed.  Hallelujah! I could now make it to Bechtelsville in time to save her from herself.  And I was so thrilled to be working with Jenna again, who was the perfect photographer for Carrie; quirky with an edge, and an eye for all of the rustic and whimsical details that made this wedding the stuff of editorial spreads.   

Carrie, a tall, waifish beauty, is also a talented cognitive scientist who earned her doctorate from the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.  Her dissertation was on “arbitrariness and systematicity in emergent communication systems” (Light reading?  I think not….).   She is a master of the German language and has studied Japanese, and was the recipient of a prestigious Marshall Scholarship to study in UK, an award that’s given to only 40 graduate students yearly.  Now that’s what I call a “brilliant bride.”

So… back to more weighty things.  On the day of her trial run, Carrie explained that she wanted to look ethereal, and that she wanted tons of clumpy….yes, “clumpy”….lashes.  She also wanted a nude, matte lip.  Bringing her unconventional hopes and dreams to reality was a blast for me.  I combined a purple-based neutral  (Jane Iredale Taupe) and gunmetal (MAC Club) shadows with diffused black liner to produce her wide-eyed bohemian look, then added the boatload of mascara and long, spikey false lashes required to achieve the desired clumpiness.  The nude matte lip was courtesy of Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Craving – just perfect and I color I have a hard time keeping in stock.  Cheeks to match using MAC Lilicent Cream Blush.
The drive to Bechtelsville on that October day was spectacular – I only wish that I’d had more time to explore, but Carrie’s wedding was #2 of my three-wedding-in-one-day extravaganza, so no luck with the antiquing, etc.  The wedding was held at Carrie and fiance Jeremiah’s home in the middle of the woods.  The early fall sun filtering through the trees was magical. 


My favorite wedding ceremony shot of all time, because of the very well-behaved “Best Dog.”

And of course, my favorite of the lot:

 Thank you, Jenna Stamm, for introducing me to Carrie, and thank you, Carrie, for letting me be a part of your charming, woodland fantasy wedding!

Brilliant Bride: Samantha Murphy

Getting to know my clients is the greatest gift of my profession. I’m afforded the opportunity to meet women at close range, which lends a warmth and intimacy to our conversations. And as a sister in the middle of four brothers, to be introduced through my work to genuinely smart, talented and dedicated females is a much-appreciated source of inspiration and circle-closing.
Without a doubt, my Favorite Bride of 2008 is Samantha Murphy (n. Postal). She married Gerren Murphy on October 18th at the Ace Conference Center. Samantha and her posse (an adorable mix of friends and family) hung out, had their make-up done, played games and basically disproved the rule that having one’s bridesmaids around when one is getting ready for one’s wedding is a really bad idea.
Besides being gorgeous, extremely funny and wicked photogenic, Samantha has an M.S. degree in Mental Health Counseling from Long Island University and a B.A. in Psychology from Temple. More important, she did undergraduate work at the University of Vermont, which means she often passed by the house in which I lived since the age of 12 (I refer to it as the “House of Darkness” – Samantha, let’s barter….). She was on UVM Rescue, which means she saw more than her fair share of alcohol poisoning, I’m sure.

Samantha is in the process of establishing her own practice, Murphy Taylor Group, LLC. Among other things, she and her team provide counseling to individuals, couples and families, and what makes them unique is that they do this wherever it’s convenient for their clients; home, office, dorm room….you get the idea. And who doesn’t need to be talked up, down or sideways now and then? Make the call and you’ll have a objective ear at your doorstep in no time flat.

 Wishing Samantha all the best in all of her new adventures!